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I love watching mature doggers in action. There's almost nothing like seeing a milf get boned out in the open air. Give me a lady who will give blow jobs in the park, get rammed in a corner of a pub, or get taken from behind in an alleyway any day of the week. These mommas are kinky and I lap it all up.

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One of the best places to find mature doggers is on The couples on this site are pretty open minded to start with, since they're into the whole wife swapping thing. I've met quite a few couples on there that are willing to take their sexual encounters out in the open. Sure, some of them like to start out small, like a wooded park at night time where the chance of getting caught isn't all too high, but soon enough they're heading back to that same park in the middle of the day with the secret hope that someone will catch them fucking around.

Last week, I was with this couple that I had met a few months back. We started out with the wife going down on me in their back garden, but now she's dogging me much more out in the open. One of her new favourite thing to do it drive out to a lay by in the middle of the night, get naked, and bend over the bonnet of her car while I fuck her from behind. Her hubby tapes the whole thing on his cam and tells her what to do. Once she's sucked me off, she has a go at her hubby and he creams all over her face. I bet that those driving by sure get a show. We've had to hide from the coppers a few times, but that makes things that much more exciting.

Another milf that I found at had a thing about doing it in the changing rooms in lingerie shops. She didn't particularly care about being watched, but boy did this mum want to be heard! It was great – she'd sit down on my lap while I bounced her milfy ass up and down on my cock, all the time her hubby was “shopping” while he listened in.

These mature doggers might be a bit reluctant at first, but once they get a taste of the high that comes from public sex, especially if their partner is watching on, then they're up for just about everything!