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My wife and I have taken our fetish to the next level. We have been involved with swingers for quite a while now, but we've decided that our voyeuristic tendencies can be that much more satisfied now that we have set up our own live swingers cam . At first, it was a little difficult to find other swingers couples who were willing to be streamed over the internet while we all had sex, but now they seem to be knocking down our door!

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A few months ago, we set up our bedroom so that we had a few cameras fixed on various parts of our room – the bed, the doorway where our sex swing was set up, and even the hot tub off on the balcony. We posted a profile on OldSwingers.co.uk and said that we were looking for other couples who were willing to participate in our live swingers cam – the kinkier, the better! At first, we had more people wanting to have access to watch our sex feed than actually take part in it, but after we posted a pic of the two of us in our hottest getup, and in some of our favorite sexual positions, the offers started rolling in.

Some couples are like us – the fact that they know that someone else is watching them turns them on that much more. Other couples are ticking items off their ‘bucket list', with public sex being one of them. A few are just traditional swingers like us who don't happen to mind having thousands of people watching them get their groove on. There's even been one that's hoping that being part of our live swingers cam will attract them more swapping couples for their own experiences.

No matter the reason, my wife and I are having a blast showing out sexual encounters over the internet. We've got a few regular followers who ask us to perform particular acts, or use specific positions. We had one guy post us a sex toy to use with the next couple we had in our studio. The most frequent request we get, though, is hot tub sex. Far and away, for some reason, guys like to watch a women get all hot and wet and get banged by two guys at the same time. Can't say I really blame them. While some couples go to therapy or take vacation to enhance their relation, we found our spark performing on live swingers feeds.